Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!

I promise there will be more to come from my blog soon. It's been a very busy Holiday Season which is now quickly turning into a season of moving into a new home. We are very busy, and quite honestly, I've not done a great job of staying on track since Christmas hit. Fortunately, a new year begins now, and I will continue on my journey to being a whole, healthy and happy person in this new year! And you are still invited to join me. :o)

Love and best wishes on this New Year's Dawning,


P.S. Please give a warm welcome to my Little Seester. She's brand new to the blogging world and would appreciate a little love and encouragement. Welcome, Seester. I look forward to sharing the blogosphere with you!


The Lunaverse said...

I've been busy too. I wanna hang out with you and your cool husband soon.

Marie said...

Still waiting for that "more to come" from your blog.

How's the new house? Don't even know where you live....okay, you're excused this week cause I know you're out of town.

Love ya.

Mark said...

Is this a holiday blog? I'm anxiously awaiting your Easter post...=)