Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Halloween help!

Since my husband is currently elbow deep in "The Fringe" I have no one to talk to about this except the blogosphere.  

We need halloween costume ideas.  We'd love to have a family theme, but I'm finding it's easier said than done.  So I've been looking at everything from farm animals to the Jetsons (there's a pretty cool Jane Jetson costume) to....well, you name it and I've been looking at it.

So here's a chance for you, my readers, to help us, The Lytles, come up with some ideas for this halloween.  Nothing is out of the question, so lay it on me!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Rachel said...

Oh...I'm horrible when it comes to this sort of stuff. That's probably why I despise Halloween so much. But good luck finding a costume :-)

I do like the Jetsons idea though - that's clever.

Natalie said...

You should got the old schol route, like The Jetsons or maybe the Flintstones. Check out this site I just found for you, it has a bunch of group themes. I liked Gilligan's Island myself.

Anonymous said...

Last year Keith brought up us being Sting and the Police. Ellie would have been Sting of course. We didn't use it, so it is still up for grabs.

http://alberico.net said...

The Police. Nice, but who would've been Stewart Copeland? He's my fave!

Carey said...

Ok, Ive got it!!
You guys go as the cast of
Deal or no Deal, Christpher is Howie, You are a "case girl" and Bella is the case # of your choice.. Whatcha think??

Lela said...

lol that's funny
if we watched it, that would be even better! Maybe we could go as Simon, Paula and Randy.

Selina said...

I think you guys should be fred and wilma and bella can be pebbles!! Those would be very easy costumes to make and you and bella get to wear cool bone accessories!!