Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking for comments

Grocery Game Blinkie Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, so the grocery game isn't really my thing. But I've thought about making it my thing a couple of times. Then last Thursday, I went to a church workshop that talked about utilizing the Grocery Game to save money in order to give away more of what we have.

A lot of people know that health is important to me. I fail at it many times, but it is, nonetheless, an important part of my life and in the forefront of my mind (even when I'm eating a half gallon of ice cream).

I've also had numerous conversations with various individuals prior to and since this particular workshop regarding the benefits of going organic. There is a ton of information out there about the things that are put into our food, the way our food (in animal form) is treated and why we should avoid things with refined sugars, hormones, etc. and eat as many raw and unprocessed foods as possible.

So here's my question. If you are a Christian, or Spiritual at the least, what do you think: Should your family eat the cheapest food you can find so you can give money away, or should you spend a little more on the products that are known to be better for them and, quite frankly, take into consideration the treatment of God's creation (whether it's your body or that of the cow that produced the milk you're putting into it)?

This is a tough question and I have a feeling there will be all kinds of opinions. But I'm honestly interested in your opinion, so let 'er rip!


Dave and Charissa said...

Hi Leanne,

I couldn't resist this one. It is something that I always seem to be thinking about..... food. Maybe because it is my job to always feed my family. I don't know.

For me personally there is an amazing balance somewhere in between. I tried the Grocery Game for a while, but I just couldn't do it. In fact, I spent a lot of money on things I normally wouldn't spend money on, and it took way too much time. And then there are people who insist on eating organic, and.... well, I don't know. I like going natural, but I know that I still go to the doctors and I will still take medicine if I am sick, I will still take my kids to the doctors for their shots, etc...., so I am not completely that "natural" either I guess.

But there is a wonderful little set of cook-books that have become my favorite. The first one was called "More-With-Less". Basically, ideas such as getting more health and nutrition with less food, and less meat, etc. I think I line up with their philosophy on food and nutrition.

For example, rice and beans are one of the cheapest and healthiest things you can eat. They are a perfect vegetarian protein. Does this mean that everyone likes them, no...., but they can learn to be appreciated. Also, sweet potatoes have every single vitamin and mineral needed, except one.... and they are very reasonably priced. I don't go and get organic, because I honestly can't afford it, but I still feel healthy, and I try to give to charities that will give food to hungry people. And funny enough, those people usually give people rice and beans to those that they are ministering too.

Any time you want to look at my cook-books, you are more than welcome. They have many touching stories about people from around the world, and how our faith can affect our choice of food, and how it is a way to show love to the rest of world.

Great blogging topic, you always have such interesting things to talk about. Hugs...

Sarah said...

i dont even know what the grocery game is... but i still have an opinion about the whole money thing. which i assume IS the grocery game?
Well, if we spend money on crapalicious food like mcdonalds dollar menu so we can give to needier people, we're only gonna be around for a few more years to help them out. we just read fast food nation in me & joey's english class. you should read it... i skipped a lot of it, but it's really interesting & all about this stuff. spending lots of money isnt required though! so there... i was going to expand more and just kind of write what came into my head, but it turned into something about dead dogs & cats in dog food. whatever. love you :-)

Marie said...

Wow! It is my age, or what? I've never heard of the Grocery Game so apparently I'm just out of it all together. All I can say is this, if you do what you can for your family and any time your able you do for others, God is gonna honor that. Of course, He wants us to serve others in any way we can. So, if your not living some extravagant, wasteful lifestyle selfishly focused on nothing but you, you and more you, and your looking for ways of serving and helping others, aren't you already doing what is required? Or, maybe I just didn't get the question.

Heather said...

i say go for the grey area. you don't have to eat nothing but ramen to donate a lot, but you don't have to eat out at Chez Fancypants all the time either. you have to take care of your body first, because once your health goes, you won't be able to help others very much. maybe this means buying generic aspirin, generic pasta, etc, taking the cheaper route where it's unimportant. maybe the grey area means buying just fresh produce from local bodegas/farmstands/etc. you're getting fresh produce and helping support your local community. feeding your family well, and helping that farmer keep a roof over his head or helping him feed HIS family. i suppose it depends on how you look at it.

i'm not positive what the grocery game is, but maybe the secret is finding the balance between keeping your family healthy and helping others. maybe keeping your family healthy takes a bit away from what you're able to give away to others, but time and skills are just as important as money when looking at the value of donations.

i don't know if that will help you, but that's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think that we eat better now that we do the Grocery Game, because we don't eat out as much. Plus you do save a lot of money, and you only buy stuff that you won't use if you allow yourself to.

Lyndsay said...

We have made a huge shift in our home, in the way we eat and also being better stewards of our $. I won't buy any meat or milk products treated with hormones. EVERYTHING you put into your body is a chemical. Your body was created to process natural whole foods- not preservatives. The foods we put into our body changes our chemical make-up. Processed foods and preservatives can cause cancers, and other diseases, but also depression. We are supposed to eat to live- not live to eat!
We have also been greener at home by selling a car and being a 1 car family, and keeping lights off, etc. to keep energy costs down, recycling cans and bottles and saving the $ for missions trips. We need to honor God with our entire beings, He is the Creator of our world, and its our job to care for it. Sorry I'm a little passionate about this. :)