Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do I always have to be 2nd?

If you know me or catch my Facebook updates on a regular basis, you know that I have an obsession with the I am Second website.

Well, that's because, in my life, I try to live my life as 2nd in command. Heck, with a family, sometimes I feel like I can't even get to 2nd's more like 3rd or 4th...or 10th.

I don't have a lot of time to write this morning, but the thought just occurred to me that there are certain things I do (and continue to do) only because I have God as first place in my life and I believe He has a plan He is unfolding for me.

So here I sit, printing out recipes, remembering once again, that I am Second in my own life...and hoping you will find satisfaction and peace in your own 2nd place. That's the funny thing about being 2nd place to God alone. Even if you don't think you're 2nd, you probably still are.

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