Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Car wash

Not for the car, of course...although those of you who've seen our car lately might think that to be the case. But today, I took our car to get washed and I thought it would be easier to hit up the Shell car wash instead of taking it to get detailed (since I was already getting gas and it was time for Bella's lunch). This was Bella's first experience in a drive through car wash and she was absolutely amazed at what was happening just outside the captured by this photo.

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President, Yelling Girl said...

Bella is too adorable. Surprisingly enough, I remember my first car wash experience. After the initial shock of the suds and huge brushes, it was the highlight of my young life to go through a car wash, so hopefully this is one of many experiences car wash experiences for her (well, provided she enjoyed this one).