Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My affair with the Daily Show

Since Christopher's out of town and my house is clean and Bella's sleeping, I am becoming reacquainted with an old friend, Jon Stewart. Most of you know that I'm not a big fan of politics. However, I do love the Daily Show. If my political news could come in the form of humor and sarcasm ( least that's how it is today), I would be a much more politically minded person.

Sarah Vowell was the guest on today's show and in her discussion of Sarah Palin's visit to New York, this is what she said (well, it's not all she said, but this is what made me laugh):

"The East Coast was American enough for Al Qaeda and it should be American enough for them."

I hope you can enjoy the irony, even out of context.


jasonlparks said...

great show said...

I'm a longtime fan of TDS. They've given the world some funny, funny people!

Lela said...

What's funny is that it's my best friend's grandfather that really introduced me to it. I hardly ever watch it, but when I do, I laugh a lot.