Thursday, October 2, 2008

You choose.

My Mom was at our place on Monday night watching Dancing With the Stars. Since I'm less than interested in the show, I was doing something completely unrelated. That is until I hear the song "Bleeding Love". My neck snaps, and the first thing I say is, "What in the world are they thinking using this song?" Just so we're on the same page, this is the performance I was watching.

Okay, so if you took the time to watch that, you can see that it wasn't awful. They did okay. However, being the So You Think You Can Dance fan that I am, nothing could compare with THIS performance, also done to "Bleeding Love":

Maybe I'm biased, but you tell me. Which performance do YOU think is better?

4 comments: said...

You got me, I'm not sure how either show are popular and still on TV!

I'm so glad Lori's not into either of these shows... I'd go Bat Stuff Crazy!

I do get to watch all the nasty medical shows on Discovery Health, all those TLC gay fashion people dressing other people up so they look good naked, and screaming kids / stupid parents shows.

All kidding aside, I do love my wife, she's the best!!

Kevin said...

I can't believe i'm chimingin here.... but please don't judge.

I honestly don't think the two can be compared. Yes the songs are the same. But the dance styles are totally different.

Video #1
I loved how the dancers flowed, The woman could have done a little more twirling i guess. It seemed the guy was doing most of what the girl should bring to the Dance moves at the beginning of the song. Usually the guy is fluid and the girl is all twist and lock.

Video #2
Seemed to be more of a pop n lock type dance synchronized fashion, wich is cool. I'd imagine this motion probably goes a lot better with the actual words to the song versus the style chosen for Video 1.

Theres my two cents!

Once again. Don't judge!

Lela said...

Kevin, that makes me smile. I think you're right...the 2nd one was totally a dramatization of the song and I still get chills when I watch it. The styles were totally different, which is why I think they should have chosen a different song for DWTS...but whatever. I also saw on You Tube that they did a 'No Air' routine...which was also a routine from SYTYCD that would be incredibly hard to beat. But I'm not going to rename my blog "DWTS vs. SYTYCD", so I decided to leave well enough alone. I think we all know which one is the superior show.

Lela said...
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