Thursday, October 30, 2008

Master Cleanse, here I come

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If any of you have read about the Master Cleanse, you will recall with me that it is probably the most vile suggestion you've ever heard. This cleanse is one that suggests drinking 2 liters of a lemon juice-maple syrup-cayenne pepper "lemonaid" per day, as well as downing a liter of salt water (per day) in order to completely clear out one's insides. This liter of salt water results in numerous tummy-rumblings and consequential trips to the restroom.

I did this said cleanse (minus salt water) for approximately 2 days back when I lived in New Orleans. The suggested duration is anywhere from 3 days to two weeks. My taste buds weren't convinced that I needed the third day.

Yesterday, Christopher casually informed me that our friends are planning to do the cleanse for 10 days beginning this weekend. He also made the mistake of saying that if I wanted to do it, he'd be game. Well of COURSE I want to do the cleanse. I live for this stuff. I'm a believer in giving our bodies a break and cleaning out all the gunk; I also believe that giving up food for a while gives us opportunity to focus on other things.

So on Monday morning, we will begin The Master Cleanse. I will juice lemons, measure maple syrup and add the cayenne pepper to only a small "shot" of this mixture so I don't have to sip it throughout the day (it's so gross). I will drink the salt water. I will drink the salt water. I will drink the salt water. I will drink....

Oh, sorry. I forgot you were reading. Where was I? Oh, yea...I'll drink the salt water and enjoy the cleanliness of my insides.

And I will be forced to find something to make me happy besides what is passing over my taste buds.

Master Cleanse, here I come. And be warned...this time, I will master you.

4 comments: said...

This doesn't sound like it's very healthy and doesn't drinking salt water dehydrate you?

Is it scientifically proven to cleanse?

Lela said...

lol so you drink non-salt water all day (along with the "lemonade"). And yes, salt water does dehydrate you because it is not digestible. The function of the Salt water is to flush your system (that's why they use it...your body doesn't absorb it, so it flows through you and collects all the grossness). They say that this particular thing is what causes the tummy-rumblings. It cleans you out. I know a few people who do this cleanse regularly and swear by it. I agree that it's not healthy if you're doing it for weight loss or to avoid food. However, I've read a lot about fasting and cleansing and it's actually a good thing for the body. We put a lot of things into us that don't belong this helps clean it out and, for some of us, motivates us to have a fresh start.

The Gibbs said...

Good Luck!!! Let me know how you feel afterwards. :)

Norma said...

OH YAY! another brave soul for master cleaner. The hubby Rudy has done this a handful of times and loves it! I on the other hand hated it. You have to be a very brave person to drink the salt water UGH! that's why I did not last. My last atempt only lasted 4 hours, I made a quick run to in and out burger for my kids and they mistakenly put an extra burger in there. I tok it as a sign for GOD who didnt want me to do the cleaning. Ha!
Good luck with it and have a big glass of warm salt water for me...