Saturday, August 9, 2008

A declaration.

Most people go about their lives doing what they think is right for them. And certainly there's nothing wrong with that, but it's not something I've ever really prescribed to. From high school on, I've only wanted to do what God wanted me to do. I've listened for and sought out God's voice to the best of my ability, to the chagrin of some of those closest to me. I've learned a lot of lessons about my own humanity and about the true Grace and Joy God has given me to give to others. I'm not saying that I'm perfect. Far from, actually.

What I'm finding as I get more and more distance from the day Christopher was asked to leave Journey, I realize it was that single event that brought about a pause in the way I seek God. God didn't say to leave. A group of men did. We left. Somehow, we end up in the Midwest. Anyone who knows Christopher and I knows that move couldn't have been in line with the passions God had given either of us. We made that move. Not God.

I get pregnant. I say I'm not having a baby in the Midwest. God says nothing. Or maybe we just forget to ask. We come to Southern California. Through a series of events and the Spirit of God somehow moving in the midst of our ignorance and disobedience, we end up back in ministry. It takes us a while, but we start listening again...individually. And God begins teaching us again. Slowly.

And here we are. Ready to listen. Ready to obey. Ready to "pick up where we left off" as some might say. This is not an easy task. This is not a simple journey. The road ahead will be riddled with joy, pain, hardship and confusion. But here we are. A family now standing in the place of those 2 individuals who met almost 4 years ago. God knew what He was doing when He crossed our paths 4 years ago, and He knows what He's doing now. And dare I say...

It's go time.

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isellseals said...

i know it's selfish, but i am so glad that you guys came to socal. my life would be much less full if i didn't have you pursuing and loving me. and i'm excited that our visions seem to coincide. i do much better when i have partners instead of being on my own. and since you've adopted me (though i have yet to get my adoption certificate *nudgenudge* :p) i am blessed to be part of your family, too. <3