Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Happy Housewife?

Some of you know that last week was a pretty rough one for me. Consider that my last blog was the beginning of said week and you'll understand. So today, I am working on becoming a "Happy Housewife". Here are just a few of the good deeds on the agenda for the day:

Christopher and I have FINALLY loaded up an item that has needed to be returned since almost 3 months ago and we will be returning it this evening.

Last night, in a fit of "needing" to have food, I bought a clearanced bag of dark chocolate kissables when I stopped at CVS to get toothpaste for Bella. Unfortunately, I did eat a substantial amount of the candies last night. BUT I have decided that instead of eating the rest of the bag like a pitiful bon-bon eating housewife, I will bake cookies with them, like a June Cleaver-esque sort of housewife.
This is not to say that I haven't eaten some of the batter, nor that I won't eat any of the cookies. But at least this way, others might benefit from my chocolate-buying insanity.

Bella and I took advantage of our early morning outing to the Hub (we dropped Christopher off at work) and swung over to Seal Beach to play in the sand. Other than Bella running and hiding behind me whenever she heard a big wave, it was a lot of fun. And even the hiding part was fun for me.

We have a play-date with Jessica and Mare, who we haven't seen in ages.

Hopefully I'll be meeting a friend for coffee during Bella's nap this afternoon.

And finally, the most ambitious of all these undertakings, I will put the laundry away. And by doing this, I might also pack for my trip to New Orleans this weekend (it might be the only thing that motivates me to sort through all the clothes).

So that's my day. Nothing big, but it should be much more positive and productive than the majority of my last week.  Here's to the Happy Housewife.


The Lunaverse said...

I can't believe you went to CVS instead of Albertson's. That being said, good luck on the whole happy housewife thing.

Lela said...

lol, maybe that's the problem. This whole happy housewife thing didn't work out too well for me today...well, post-blog anyway. Next time I'll go to Albertsons.