Friday, August 1, 2008

I hate drama

Why do people feel like they can't just be honest about what they're doing? If they sin, they should sin boldly, right? When I know someone is doing something wrong, it kinda tweaks my nerves when they tell me they didn't do it. I know you did it. I know when you did it. I know how you did it. I'm pretty certain I know why you did it. Please don't tell me you didn't do it.

And you know what else? Even though you did it, I still care about you and want to help you. But as long as you are lying to yourself, I am powerless to help you...everyone is. Including you.

This particular issue in any relationship or circumstance brings out more passion, fire and gut reaction from me than anything else. Maybe it comes from knowing Jesus. Knowing that where there is honesty and truth, there can be healing and newness. Lives can change. But as long as people continue to believe lies and live in the murkiness, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do for them. Even if they mean well. Even if they want, with all their hearts, to make a change.

I'm not going to talk about any details. Those of you closest to me probably know what's going on. Those of you who don't know; dthis is not an affront to our relationship. I just don't believe in airing anyone's dirty laundry on blogs. And you can also rest assured that if you're reading this, I'm also not talking about you. I don't believe in communicating my feelings toward someone via world wide web. I'm not 12. My feelings have been communicated to the party in question. This is simply residual ranting.

So thanks for stopping by and sticking around long enough to get to the end. And if you're going through anything that feels like this, as my friends in the South say, Bless your heart. It's certainly not for the faint of heart.

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Anonymous said...

I love want you blog. Thanks I feel the same way! Your older sister in Christ.

Cheryl Harrington