Sunday, November 2, 2008

25 days...

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...Until I am running a 5K. I have never (officially) run a 5K in my life. I have, in fact, run 3 miles at one time, but it was a long time ago. I weighed 25 lbs less, I was infinitely more toned and had lots of time to spend at the gym and running at the park.

Tanya called me last night to say she'd signed up for a 5K on Thanksgiving morning and do I want to do it with her. "Sure," I say. I'm happy to do it, although it's questionable as to whether or not I will run the entirety of it.

I got home today after lunch and sat down on the couch. I was waiting for Christopher to get off the computer so I could use the internet when it dawned on me that this 5K is going to happen. And it's happening in less than a month. Therefore, instead of sitting my chubby butt down in front of the computer, I should probably put on some sweats and tenni's and hit the pavement. So that's what I did. I donned aforementioned gear, walked out the door and around the corner, and I began to jog. I lasted for approximately 3 minutes until I started walking again. During my first 20 minutes out, I had a few more spurts of 1-2 minute runs, but gave it up completely in my last 20.
Somehow, in the next 25 days, I have to turn that initial 3 minute jaunt into 3 miles. Good Lord in Heaven, what was I thinking?

I am happily accepting any pointers or encouragement any of my loyal readers might have for me from now until Thanksgiving Day.

2 comments: said...

I hate running (and most exercise) but my lovely wife loves it and she has done a few marathons. I don't know what she does, but I do know she comes home SORE.

I wish you luck in your training and look forward to hearing how it went!

Anonymous said...

If you need someone to run with u. I go running at bolsa chica beach on tuesdays, Wed,and Thursday mornings at 8 am. I will help you train for the 5k. I am doing a 5k in dec for a rsd run at Eldorado Park. Revolution Church is handing out water to the runners its a big event. I am also doing a 1/2 marathon in Huntington Beach in Feb 2009. Call me if you are up to it.

Cheryl Harrington