Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Take 2

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Just before I began training for my 5K, I was planning to begin the Master Cleanse. Needless to say, I did not end up doing the cleanse. A few of you checked in with me just to make sure I wasn't crazy enough to do them at the same time (there's another word I want to use for the idea "at the same time"'s a good word, but I'm too tired to think of you know what word I might be thinking of?)

Well, anyway, tomorrow begins my cleanse. I need it. I am so looking forward to not eating for an undetermined amount of time. Don't worry. I won't do it longer than 10-12 days. I doubt I'll even go that long. But I never like to put time limits on this sort of stuff...I just see how I'm feeling and what I think I can handle, and I go with it.

It's the night before, and I just drank my tea. It was the detox tea I already had in the cupboard because I forgot to buy laxative tea at Trader Joe's today.

Note to self: This is the reason lists are important. Purchasing the supplies for the cleanse was the main goal of said excursion to Trader Joe's. How I missed the tea is beyond me.

Wish me luck. I will keep you up to date. It's entering a very busy season for me...and probably you as well...but I will try to blog at least every couple of days!


Seester said...


Johnny Vasquez said...

2 days is the maximum you should do something like this...if at all.

but good luck. said...

BLEH, you have to start with a laxative tea? uhm no thanks!

Good luck and I look forward to updates, that is unless you're glued to the toilet! :)

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Rachel said...

I was thinking concurrently?

And good luck with this - it does seem like 10 to 12 days is a little long to do something this extreme. But regardless, I hope you get the results you're hoping for!

Anonymous said...

Um, laxative tea? I have taken laxatives before ( it was during a body image dysmorphia time in my life ), and all I can say is that I hope you don't plan on leaving your house, or if you do you may want to research some colostomy bags.