Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apartment hunting

Christopher and I have spent a lot of time the last couple of days looking for a new apartment. We've been searching Long Beach and have found only 2 or 3 possibilities thus far. The one we really want is in Nader and Michelle's building. We love the area, and we love the complex, but it's also really appealing that they would be our neighbors...that we would have neighbors to talk to. What does that even look like? I've tried with a couple of our neighbors here, but no one wants to engage. What about you? Do you talk to/know/befriend your neighbors? If so, are people receptive to you? Let me know, because I'm dying to know how it's done in Downey (and the surrounding areas). I've never lived somewhere (in my adult life) where it hasn't been somewhat easy to make friends with at least one neighbor.


Alicia said...

My hubby and I also live in an apt and it seems to be a struggle for us as well to meet neighbors!!

Alicia said...
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Natalie said...

Well, out here in the CO we had horrible, NOISY, neighbors upstairs but our neighbors are pretty nice. We haen't gone farther than me asking for an egg and she asking to use my phone but at least we say hi when we pass. Not sure about good ol' Downey. I don't think it's the location more than the actual people there. You just get lucky when you live by awesome people.