Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last night

Jody invited us to come out and celebrate with his Life Group last night, and we had a GREAT time! First, we went to In & Out with all 80 of our kids (the Corns, Calderons, Lytles and LaPointes...sans Ashley), which was a feat in and of itself. Poor childless Phil and Roxanne were trying to sink into their table so people would stop looking at them and assuming they are to blame for at least 1 or 2 of the kids. hehe. The rest of us didn't was like we owned the place.

After devouring an amazing amount of burgers and fries, we thought the next best place to go would be Coldstone. So off we went to the Downey Landing...well, most of us...along with 79 kids (poor Audrey couldn't stay up any longer...or was it Eric...). There was some serious good times had. Between Joe forcing us to ignore his son when he face planted on the concrete (it's really true...if you don't react, they don't react. He was fine!), Stephen, Stephanie and Christopher breaking into some old school hip hop and Christopher ending up with Stephen's hand-print on his rear, we had a roaring good time. :o) We should definitely do it more often.

Thanks, Jody, for the invitation and thanks, Lapointe life group for including us in the good time!

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