Monday, March 31, 2008

A Gypsy in Disguise

As was mentioned in my previous post, we are apartment hunting and we've found an apartment we really like. Today, I'm getting all our paperwork together so we can turn in our applications. Pabst-Kinney (the management company) requires applicants to supply a 5 year rental and employment history, so I set about the task of compiling this information (because God knows they never put enough space on the applications). I've just finished writing out my respective histories. I've decided to share them with you so that I'm not the only one with a headache. Ready? Here we go...

Rental History (I've included all previous addresses, rental and non-rental)
09/02-05/04 6149 Ruth Street, Metairie LA
05/04-09/04 35 Rader Ct, Baltimore MD
09/04-10/05 Pasadena Ave, Metairie LA (Apartments by far, my favorite!)
09/05-10/05 Let's not forget the evacuation to Joplin, MO then Lexington, KY
10/05-02/06 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA
02/06-08/06 Joplin, MO (I can't even remember the address)
09/06-01/07 7149 Nada (Nana's house)
02/07-Now 8356 5th St, Downey

Employment History
10/02-05/04 Radioshack
05/04-09/04 YMCA of Central MD
10/04-08/05 Radioshack (same one)
05/05-09/05 Journey Christian Church
09/05-02/06 Unemployed due to life
02/06-05/06 Pediatric Assn. of SW Missouri
05/06-10/07 US Bank
11/07-Current Bellflower Friendship Manor
11/07-Current Downey Unified School District
03/07, continuing Master's Academy

Is anyone else tired? Maybe I should start dressing like this...

...and selling my wares on the streets...
Gypsies selling wares at cathedral

...or maybe this could be my next job...

...but probably not in Downey...

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