Saturday, November 8, 2008

In case you were wondering

My friend's fiance emailed me this survey, so I thought to myself, "Self, why not put this in your blog?" To which my self answered, "Why not? I'm not doing anything and could certainly use this to kill some time before bed."

So here you go, not that you asked..

HAVE YOU EVER... (x means 'yes')

( ) Been to Europe...nope, just the UK
(x) Been on a cruise
( ) Gone on a blind date
(x) Skipped school ... only in college
( ) Been to Canada
(x) Been to Mexico
(x) Been to Florida
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Been lost
(x) Been on the opposite side of the country
(x) Gone to Washington, DC
(x)Swam in the ocean
(x) Cried yourself to sleep
( ) Played cops and robbers
(x) Recently colored with crayons
(x) Sang Karaoke
(x) Paid for a meal with coins only
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(x) Made prank phone calls
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(x) Danced in the rain
(x)Written a letter to Santa Claus
(x) Been kissed under the mistletoe I think I did the kissing, though
(x) Watched the sunrise with someone That's what friends are for...sunrise on Bourbon Street!
(x) Blown bubbles
(x) Gone ice-skating
(x) Gone to the movies
( ) Owned your Favorite Car Not day I'll get that Jetta.

NICKNAMES: Kick, Kicky, Leilani, Lela-Ann, Wifey
MOM'S NAME: Doris (not sure why only my mom's name matters)
BODY PIERCINGS: Just ears. I used to have my tongue, but gave that one up. I miss it sometimes.
HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOB? I freaking love it. Except for the 1st grader. He's a little exasperating at times.
HAWAII? Yes, please.
EVER BEEN TO AFRICA? Not yet. It wasn't the right time.
EVER EATEN ONLY COOKIES FOR DINNER? Duh. What normal female hasn't done this?
EVER BEEN ON TV? I feel like the answer is yes, but I can't remember why I would have been no?
EVER STEAL A TRAFFIC SIGN? Not yet...only a shower curtain. Maybe the traffic sign will happen during the next pregnancy.
DRIVE A 2- OR 4-DOOR CAR? 4 door


NUMBER? One. It's the least complicated.
MOVIE? Mary Poppins can usually brighten my day, as well as Tyler Perry.
HOLIDAY? Thanksgiving/Christmas are tied right now.
DESERT? I wish I was picky enough to have a favorite.
DAY? Usually, Saturday or Monday.
BODY WASH? Currently, Aromafloria Muscle Soak
TOOTHPASTE? Mentadent, but I never use it.
SMELL? Fig scented candles

HOW DO YOU RELAX? Watch TV or sleep...or shop.
WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS? In a house full of kids
HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED SOMEONE DIE? Only when I was little, I remember my g-ma having hospice care in our playroom at her house.

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