Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Training Day 8

It's 6:22 AM, and no, I haven't already gone for my morning jaunt. I'm actually going to skip this morning, let my ankle take a break, and if it's feeling okay tonight, then I'll run. If not, I'll just take a walk.

You know how when you've hurt a joint and then you rest it for 8 hours, it usually feels pretty good when you get up? Then it slowly deteriorates throughout the day? Well, I want to avoid pushing it too hard this morning because it seems to be feeling mostly fine. The last thing I need is to make my already unconditioned body worse so that I'm not able to continue training for this run. If all is well, I'll start my next step in the training process tomorrow morning instead of today. I believe it's run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes for a longer period of time. I'll call Cheryl today and find out.

Any tips or pointers?

Oh, and I know I skipped my quote of the day yesterday because I was a little too bitter to even want to read something encouraging or uplifting. But, in light of my ankle, here is a quote for today:

"Of one thing I am certain; the body is not the measure of healing-peace is the measure."
-George Melton

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isellseals said...

you crazy woman! being up at 6:22 without need!

hope your ankle felt better this afternoon.