Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome, Mr. President.

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Tonight, the United States has a new President. When I went to vote today, I wanted to vote for this particular candidate, but I couldn't do it based on my own moral basis. That is what it is, and I won't go into it here.

The reason I DID want to vote for Obama today is that I want change and hope for something new. I, like many others, felt like McCain would have been more of the same, and more of the same is not anything I desire. Not only that, but the other day, I was thinking about McCain vs. Obama and the idea of voting character. I was wondering which candidate would listen to what God wants for him and for this country and I heard this voice in my head say, "What if Obama is the one with a humble heart? What if he's the one whom, if prayed for, would do the right thing? What if McCain is the one out for his own agenda and this is just his last hoorah as a politician?" And that's when I started to wonder.

You see, I don't believe that the "issues" are the only issues that count in an election. These men (and women) have hearts. And only God knows their hearts. Now, I'm not saying that I know what God knows. I don't. But, to all my friends who expect Jesus to return tomorrow or who are talking about moving to Canada ASAP, I challenge you to start praying earnestly for this new leader of our Country. Pray not out of fear, but out of love. Our God remains the same. Our Leader isn't different. The leader of the country is. Maybe we should remove ourselves from this patriotic faith of ours and see the political system of this country for what it is...the world's way of doing things. God works in any and all worldly systems...but his people have to pray. Maybe the problem with this country is that God's people were counting on W's "Christianity" to be enough to lead the country instead of humbling ourselves and asking God to lead the leaders.

Just a few thoughts on the close of this Election Day 2008. Sleep well, my friends. I know I will.


http://alberico.net said...

SIGH... I REALLY miss those posters, I wish I still had a few!

While I'm not happy with the outcome I can't say that I'm shocked.

I think too many people voted emotionally simply because, the ideas of HOPE and PROGRESS are just so great, we can show the world we are so progressive and we just need something different... what that *something* is, I don't know and obviously HE (barack) doesn't know because if you listen to every speech he made he speaks in broad generalities and just knew how to push the right buttons and look good.

*My president is black*... don't get why that is even an issue? While I don't agree with the past wrong doings I don't think we should vote just to *make things right* The idea is *cool* but I don't think that quality alone will make for a good president. But it is a good way to spin the result and make it easier to swallow.

What I looked at were his qualifications (or lack there of) and what scared me off the most is that he appears to be a pretty radical guy (voting record, when he voted) with
pretty radical friends!

So I'll wait and HOPE he can deliver these broad promises of PROGRESS (ideas of Utopia?) but I know most are not possible in this society! The Rich simply can't Pay for the poor, everyone needs to chip in to the system or the system/machine will stop functioning!

In the end, America (the Media and Pop Culture) got what it wanted. I guess my final question is who will they be disappointed with (and make fun of?) The republicans / bush provided so much material for SNL, late night talk shows...

I hope The Daily Show / Colbert Report are still entertaining because they've been so fixated on lets make fun of bush for the last 7+ years!

Lela said...

haha. I agree with pretty much all of what you said, but since I am an emotional person, I am one of those of which you speak. That's why I sat there staring at the ballot yesterday, dangerously close to voting for Nader or McKinney (who I've honestly never heard of) because I wanted so badly to vote "hope" and "progress" and change, for good or ill...but I couldn't in good conscience do it. I am one of those right to lifers who has a really hard time voting for someone who is so obstinately opposed to my moral values...no matter how hopeful the idea of him may be.

Tiffany Lee said...

Thanks, Leanne. I was just contemplating this morning how so many Christians put their hope in a man and now seem so crushed.

I myself voted for Obama, not because I agree with EVERYTHING he believes in (there will never be a candidate that fits that bill for anyone) but because I was thinking along the same lines about his heart. I also happen to agree with many of his proposals, to which I have received shock, judgment and outright condemnation from my fellow believers!

But I also agree that on the opposite side, Obama is being deified and that will only lead to letdown and blame. I think it is a broken system and always will be because we are human. Whether the president is a Christian or not, believes the way you believe or not, no one has the answers and everyone will make a mess of things. That's why we need God. That's the message of the gospel.

Lela said...

Exactly. And I think that's the problem with this patriotic faith that so many Christians have. They forget that no nation is a Christian nation unless it's leader is God. Men can say they are believers or church-goers or whatever, but no matter how devout, they will make mistakes. It is our job (as "strangers in this land") to separate ourselves from the system, pray for it and be there as a support for the world that depends on "the system" to save it.