Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Training Day 7-A Tale in 6 Pictures

Here I sit for my morning update, Starbucks in hand and a bag of frozen grapes on my ankle. Any guesses about how my morning has gone thus far?

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First, I get out of bed (6:18am) feeling much like the whale in this picture. I decide that it can't be as bad as I think, so I should get on theweigh 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

to prove to myself that all is well with the world. Wrong decision. According to the scale, all is not well with the world, and I continue to feel like the whale in the top picture.

Then the decision is made that I should not run, but walk my normal course due to the not-so-great feeling in my left hamstring. Turns out no amount of stretching after the fact can make up for the lack of stretching prior to running. So I get my water bottle and set out for my morning walk.

I make it halfway (the mid-point of 5th and Firestone) on Woodruff when I step into a...
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I hear my left ankle crunch and I almost fall, but don't. I do, however, hobble myself into the mall parking lot wondering whether or not I should call my mother-in-law to pick me up before she heads to work. But then I notice the hobbling becoming less and then turning into a slight limp. No problem. I can walk this off. And since this day already sucks, and I'm in the neighborhood, and there's no power-walking for me in the near future, I decide that, quite frankly,
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So I stop in to see my friendly neighborhood barista and order a frothy hot holiday beverage to nurse my broken spirit and injured ankle during my (slow) walk home.

I have since arrived at home, taken my shoes off and realized that "walking-it-off" might not have been the best idea. It was, at best, a feeble and inaccurate hope. My ankle is pretty tender. Once I realized there was some pain, I pulled
frozen grapes Pictures, Images and Photos
out of the freezer, propped my foot up on a chair and began this, my tale in 6 pictures.

I hope you've enjoyed what little bit of humor I've eeked out of my morning, because I'm not gonna lie...I'm a little
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http://alberico.net said...

Is that an actual photo of the pothole? You have quite the amazing camera phone!

I'm sorry your day started out not well... at least it's Tuesday and you have Life Group tonight!

Lela said...

lol, no. All my photos are made possible by the kind people who post their pictures publicly at www.photobucket.com.

Amanda said...

I very much enjoyed your photo essay of your morning! At least you are able to get yourself out of bed in the morning to exercise. I'm lucky if I can get out of bed without yelling at my poor husband...me and mornings are not friends

Christopher said...

This might be my favorite post of yours. I love you.

The Gibbs said...

Sorry you had a rough morning, I hope your ankle gets better.

isellseals said...

awww. :( but you've inspired me to get to the gym after work tomorrow. i will run this race with you! <3

Lela said...

I'm glad I inspired you. :o)