Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can't focus on anything but...

...Many of you know that Christopher and I are searching for a new home. We're not having a ton of luck. I just went out looking again yesterday, found a great apartment at a great price, and if we could move it over and up about 4 blocks, it would be perfect. We're still waiting to hear about the guy who snagged the apartment we wanted (the manager's going to ask if he would consider switching to the one that just came open).

And here I am in Downey. If my schedule went as planned today, this is how it would look: To Los Alamitos, back to Downey. To Long Beach, back to Norwalk, go to Artesia, then Los Alamitos, then Norwalk, Downey, back to wherever El Dorado is, then finally home to Downey. I don't want to drive that much. If gas were still under $3, then I'd consider it. But really? We have got to get out of here! Even a 2nd car wouldn't ease having to drive back and forth all the time since everything we do is in Lakewood, Long Beach or Los Alamitos.

Dear Jesus, PLEASE give us a new home. Close to our friends. Closer to the beach. That we can afford. That we can love. Please.

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Alicia said...

Hey, I am from Revolution and I have to tell you the my DH and I live in a good part of long beach, in a two bedroom apt and there are going to be two more two bedrooms opening up. The owners are great and they have been working on these two other apts....if you are interested, email me and then I can tell you exactely where we are and if you wanted you could walk through ours (its 1000 square feet, very spacious!)

My email is:

I know you have both been looking for quite a while now, and when I read this I thought I needed to let you know!!!

In Him,