Thursday, July 3, 2008

NOLA Day 5

Today has been amazing. Most of the day up until around 3:30 was bittersweet. We had our last day with the kids today. On top of it being the last day, it was, yet again, our most difficult day with them. We had to cut out the entire last segment of the program because they just didn't want to cooperate with us this morning. I don't think it mattered much because, really, we were just glad to have the time with them. Even if they were difficult. I'd be difficult too if I had their lives. The most important part is that we did get to develop relationships with them and share God's love. Jeny was just sharing tonight how one little boy asked her if she loved him and she was able to say, yes, of course I love you. It's possible that that's the only time he heard someone say that to him today. Thank God for that opportunity.

Karina was finally able to come out and gut with us a little bit today. I don't think she expected it to be such hard work, but just like the rest of the week, she was a total trooper! We ended up calling it quits early again, there weren't any more tetanus shots. There was a pretty big storm headed our way, so we needed to get all the tools in the truck and back to the office before it started. Metal and lightning don't mix.

Tonight, our team decided they wanted to invite Ms. Doris out to dinner with us. Ms Doris is a 78 year old woman who volunteers at BBC; we've been working in her territory everyday this week. So we took her and Angela out to La Madeleine (the most amazing place ever) and the girls were able to get to know her better and hear some incredible stories and life experience. Between dinner and meeting Ms Doris' daughter and granddaughter when we took her home, we heard a lot of their Katrina story. Their house is in the section of town that was only roof tops after the storm. Although they had evacuated to McComb (Mississippi), some other family members decided to stay at Ms Doris' home during the storm. They ended up getting flooded out and having to break through the window in the attic. The woman and 3 children were picked up by a helicopter, but the 2 year old was left because there was not enough room. The other adult rigged up a boat from an old tire to put the child in and swam to the interstate bridge that's about a mile from their house. They all survived, but as Ms Doris had told us earlier, she "lost a lot of people to that storm". And she still smiles and laughs and loves her life. She works at BBC because she feels like she's been given so much that she just wants to give back and meet people who can influence her life and vice versa.

When we did our high's and low's tonight at debrief, Ms Doris was almost everyone's "high" for the day.

So now we are all (sans me, of course) tucked away safely in our beds. We don't have our next assignment until 9am (praise Jesus!), and it's being delivered to us! We've been up and ready by 6:45 everyday so far, so the girls are all very excited for a little extra rest tonight!

On a personal note, God has been teaching me a lot this week about the power of a prayer said in faith. He's answered a couple very specific prayers of mine instantly this week. He showed me tonight that I talk a good game when I'm leading other people, but when I'm on my own, I have a serious lack of faith. He also showed me that my prayers are effective with others and that he listens to me at those times and that he can (and wants to) listen to me when I'm simply praying for me.

I pray I can learn that lesson and live my life knowing that my God is the one with the power and He is constantly on the lookout for me...just waiting for me to ask. After all, He is a Good Father.

My eyes are starting to shut. Goodnight to you and as always, there will be more tomorrow...

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