Friday, July 25, 2008

A week in the life of

Just to recap my learnings from this week...

1. Sunday night at the Hollywood Bowl with Tanya and Rachel was AMAZING. I don't know what was better--the funky soul vibe of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings or the red cup party people on the bus to and from said event...oh, and then there was the throw back to SNL's Wild and Crazy guys (Rachel, I'm counting on you to post that video!)...and I can't forget to mention (for those of you who haven't read about this already) the fact that our bus BROKE DOWN on the way to the Bowl. Like I said: Amazing. Really.

2. I have a really hard time living a balanced life. I'm very extreme on a day to day basis. I think it's a mix of my own personal issues and a few Spiritual things going on around me that I can't see and therefore forget about.

3. It is good to read and think about new ideas.

4. Waiting in line 5 hours for a phone is somehow worth it (it might have been more worth it if we got 2 of them).

5. Sorbettos are good.

6. Frappuccinos are better (was there ever any doubt).

7. Friends who can laugh with you instead of at you when you almost flip a plate over and knock a knife off a table are the best kind of friends to have.

8. It's fun to see our friends as new parents.

9. I hate cleaning my house. If you come over right now, you would see that.

10. I hate fruit flies.

11. I love my husband and my daughter. Even when they drive me crazy. And especially when I drive them crazy.

Those are the basics of my life as they stand at this moment. Just thought I'd update you.

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Rachel said...

It's a huge file and am having trouble uploading it but I'll try again tomorrow! And it's pretty dark but you'll get the jist.